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4.5. Event details page

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4.5. Event details page

The page containing the event details will be opened if you have added a new event or have clicked on an event in an overview. It contains all information of this event.

Event details

  • (Contact) information of the host
  • When has the event been created
  • Event title
  • Event location
  • Event calendar
  • Start and end of event
  • Whether and how the event will be repeated
  • When the repeat will end (if there is an end)
  • How many members are attending this event
  • How many comments have been written to this event


Beneath the details you can find the event description with attachments.

Map with route calculation

If a location has been specified and the administrator has enabled the map function, you can find the link "Show map" next to the name of the location. Clicking on it will open the map. Beneath an input field can be found to calculate the route to the event location. For a complete route display you should use directly the pages of Google Maps or of another map service.

Attendance list

If there is an attendance list and you are the host you can add members of the community to the list. The member will be notified via private message. If you are not the host but want to participate at this event you need to choose "Yes" (you want to attend). You can also choose "Maybe" or "No" if you are unsure or cannot attend.
Being a host you can send all attendees a private message to notify them e.g. about changes of the event. You can also delete attendees from the list.


Beneath the event comments can be read or written. The latest comments can be found on top. Dependent of your calendar permissions you can edit or delete comments.

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